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Customer Feedback & Surveys

There are plenty of ways to collect and leverage customer feedback for your business. Their opinions about experience they have with your brand is helpful information that you can use to adjust your business to fit their needs more accurately. Top performing companies understand an important role that customer feedback plays in business. They consistently listen to the voice of their clients. They deliberately ask for feedback using distinct kinds of surveys.

If you want to stay ahead of competition you should never stop listening to customer feedback whether it is positive or negative, prompted or unprompted.

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Survey designing for Customer Feedback, Brand Loyalty and Market Research purposes

There’s an art to survey creation. It isn’t about asking a set of questions to your customers. There are multiple factors that influence your project’s success or failure. In phone surveys or in-person interviews, the interviewer’s words and actions will have a major impact on your final results. Online surveys on the other hand, rely heavily on question wording and design. You won’t have the benefit of inflection or body language to help convey your questions’ meaning. Phrasing, color choice, and layout will all play major roles in how respondents interpret your questions. Their interpretations will influence your final data.

From data collection to interpretation to finally presenting the data, we at Ondru take great care at every step. Mode of data collection, wording and ordering of questions, visual design, testing the accuracy of results and removing bias.

UI/UX Design

Build the product you need on time with an experienced team that uses a clear and effective design process.

Dedicated Team

Build the product you need on time with an experienced team that uses a clear and effective design process.

UI/UX Design

Build the product you need on time with an experienced team that uses a clear and effective design.

Dedicated Team

Over the past decade, our customers succeeded by leveraging Intellectsoft’s process of building, motivating.

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Benefits of Asking Your Customers

Happy customers provide the best opportunity for your business to Cross-sell & up-sell your other product and services. They will be open to conversation and willing to least listen to what you have to offer. A comment from an unhappy customer may hurt, but if you are willing to learn from your mistakes, you’ll never make the same mistake again!

Design Dream Customer Journey

- Help measure customer satisfaction at every point of interaction.

- Know what your customers are talking about your product / service to others.

- Train employees to service your customers better by finding out where your business is lacking

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Tweak Product & Services

- It points out aspects of your product or service that need improvement

- Feedback provides you with valuable business information that helps you take business decisions

- Hearing customer's opinions influences your decision during product / service development

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Increase Brand Loyalty

- Collecting customer feedback shows you that you value their opinions and care about them

- Collecting feedback regularly helps in customer retention as it makes customers feel involved and important

- Customers opinions are a valuable source of information for your own marketing and advertising efforts
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