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Web and Social Media Analytics

It’s no surprise that brands are now recognizing the power of data and web analytics in uncovering customer insights and making informed business decisions. Data now informs decisions around honing user experience (UX), launching new products, aligning brand values to customer sentiments, streamlining campaigns for increased effectiveness and creating content for marketing campaigns, among other things.

Digital Analytics

- Track overall performance of your website through Key Performance Indicators
- Find out what keywords people are using to visit your site and social media platforms
- What pages and content people are looking at in your site & social media platforms
- Find out what are all the different sources through which people are coming to your site

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Campaign Analytics

- Measure campaign performance and find out which campaigns drive the most profitable people to your site
- Segregate the campaigns that drove the most people to your site and social media platforms from those that failed
- Reveal current market demands that varies with geographic location
- Understand where & when you should be spending your advertising budget on

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Customer Analytics

- Analyze and match interests of your customers to your products or services sold
- Capture Repeat Visitors to your site (most valuable customers)
- Address high bounce rate by tracking user movement through the site/ app.
-Find out what is the most profitable time to update content to your site & social media platforms

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